Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Once-in-a-While Daily News

Through the eyes of Bud Harrington and brought to you by Nicole Seymour.

1   Years ago, I got tired of spending my life grading papers and putting up with goofballs and decided my time would be much better spent writing my own goofy things for my own goofy friends.

    Needless to say it ended in enduring failure. 

3    But we'll save that for another time.

4    Come on, I got a deadline here!

5    Anybody lookin'?

6    Every now and again, life throws stuff at ya.

7    Actually, every DAY life throws stuff at ya.

8    I just decided to pour on the gas this week.

9    Even though I've been more bored than anything else.

10  Comme ci, comme ca.

11  Anyway, did ya miss me?

12  I missed you, too.

13  So there.

14  Moving on, part the first.

15  All this fluiness has enhanced my need for chewiness.

16  Ever have a hankerin' for a piece of gum from CVS?

17  They have all sorts.

18   Plus, they have one of those little ice cream areas in the back.

19  Like the old Thrifty's 15-cent bars.

20  Nummy nummy nummy num num

21  That's how it goes.

22   So the other day, in a dream, I found myself sprinting down to CVS for gum.

23   To CVS.

24   For gum.

25   Look, not a lot to do around these parts these days.

26  And yet, I appreciate stuff.

27  Ah...appreciating stuff.

28   All things considered, life's pretty darn good.

29  Life's pretty darn good.

30   Moving on, part the second.

31   Does Al Roker drive you as nuts as he drives me?

32  I thought so.

33  It's all good.

34  I decided to make today a day for reflecting.

35  A lot of people going through a lot of things.

36  I've been mentioning that the past couple of weeks.

37  Didn't think that this DN would ever hit the streets.

38  Fortunately, the morphine from the cold I had last week kicked in and I had an entire Edgar Allen Poe novel written before I realized that I was insane.

39  So I thought to just slow it down.

40  Give a little advice about takin' it easy.

41  For example, I saw some picture with a guy floating in a tube on a lake just now.

42  That's all that guy needed.

43  I also had my daughter, Nicole, visit with film of all the bebeez.

44  Here are a few of 'em.

45  With that, I'm gonna keep it short.

46  Igottago.

47  Have a GREAT day!

48  Live life.

49  Love life.

50  Peace

and Dad